The Acti-Vate™ Program

Acti-Kare has developed a proprietary innovative wellness and anti-fatigue program for the exclusive use of our franchise network. The Acti-Vate™ Program has been developed by healthcare professionals exclusively for Acti-Kare. This proprietary program will increase your client’s quality of life and will make up a significant portion of your annual revenue.

An innovative wellness and anti-fatigue program created by healthcare professionals exclusively for Acti-Kare.

Activate minds with in home care franchise opportunities


Mental stimulation to keep cognitive functioning at its peak

Acti-Vate mind   Reminiscing games to stimulate memory
Acti-Vate mind   Specialized activities to promote reasoning and judgment
Acti-Vate mind   Engaging in current events & trends to enhance knowledge


Rejuvinate the body with our senior care franchises


Boosting energy to improve physical health & alertness

Acti-Vate mind   Activities to improve flexibility, strength, & stability
Acti-Vate mind   Nutrition education & meal plans for healthy eating
Acti-Vate mind   Medication management to achieve optimal efficacy


Activate spirit with our elderly care franchises


Enhancing mood through engaging activities

Acti-Vate mind   Reintroducing hobbies, interests and pastimes that were once enjoyed
Acti-Vate mind   Dance, music, arts & crafts to stimulate creativity
Acti-Vate mind   Invigorating outdoor activities to increase motivation & socialization


Excellence in care through active living

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