Frequently Asked Questions

1.Is an health care background necessary to take advantage of Acti-Kare in home care franchise opportunities?

Absolutely not. Most of our area directors do not have health care experience. An elderly care franchise area director’s role is to match caregivers with families based on a list of criteria. Local caregivers do the care-giving for your elderly care franchise..

2.What type of training does Acti-Kare provide for elderly care franchise owners?

Acti-Kare provides elderly care franchise owners with in-person training at our location in Tampa, Florida. We also offer online training (with an instructor) for senior care franchisees who wish to begin operations within a quicker time-frame or need more time to complete our training program. Elderly care franchise owners who elect to receive online training are also welcome to participate in our in-person training program in Tampa at a future time.

Operating in-home care services takes more than just having good caregivers. Acti-Kare’s proven marketing strategies attract new customers to elderly care franchises while maintaining the existing customers. We will provide you with an intense senior care franchise marketing plan that utilizes high visibility advertising strategies. We will also show you how to identify potential customers and understand the market forces that will help your elderly care franchise business grow. Ongoing training through educational seminars, conference calls, newsletters and internet forums are just a few of the tools we employ to help keep you on the competitive edge. Acti-Kare is committed in every way possible to launch your business, attract new customers and keep your senior care franchise manageable.

In addition, Acti-Kare offers ongoing professional development opportunities to your caregivers. A variety of topics are covered, including maintaining health and safety standards, best practices for keeping clients active and engaged, proper record keeping and more!

3.How will I find qualified caregivers for my Acti-Kare elderly care franchise?

Acti-Kare’s support staff will provide new senior care franchise owners with assistance in recruiting, screening, and hiring qualified caregivers suitable for the territory size. Caregivers enjoy working for Acti-Kare elderly care franchises because of the flexibility, great pay, and the opportunity to help families through Acti-Kare.

4.How much capital will I initially need to start my Acti-Kare senior care franchise business?

In addition to the franchise fee, we recommend having an additional $15,000 to $25,000 for advertising, promotions, equipment and working capital.

5.Can I operate my Acti-Kare elderly care franchise from home?

The answer depends on two key factors – the state you operate in and the services you provide. It is quite common to start off providing companion services and then expand into to personal care offerings. Depending on the state, a personal care license needed to operate your senior care franchise may require a small office that is not located in your home. Acti-kare assists all of our elderly care franchises with determining what is the best strategy to implement depending on your resources, goals and time-frame.

6.Do I receive a protected territory in which my elderly care franchise can operate without other Acti-Kare competition?

Yes! Acti-Kare will work with you to select a protected geographic territory based on zip codes. Territories are awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis. Acti-Kare will not place another Acti-Kare elderly care franchise within your territory. Please contact our senior care franchise development department to find out what territories are available in your area.

7.Does Acti-Kare provide national advertising?

Yes! Acti-Kare elderly care franchisees contribute 2% of their monthly gross revenue into a National Advertising Fund. This fund is designated for national and regional advertising and marketing campaigns to build the Acti-Kare brand and drive leads at the local, franchisee level.

8.What royalties are connected with the Acti-Kare elderly care franchise?

We waive your monthly royalty for the first 60 days from the date of your agreement, enabling you to put more money into starting your senior care franchise business. Thereafter, you are required to pay a monthly royalty fee. This fee is based on the percentage reflected in your senior care franchise agreement.

9.How do I get started and learn more about Acti-Kare elderly care franchises?

Call (844) 400-0447 and receive a FREE, No Obligation information package. Enclosed in your package you will find our profile form. Please fill out this form and fax it to 813-932-2485. When we have received your information, we will forward you a disclosure document appropriate for your state, province or country. It is important to call our franchise department with questions concerning territory availability. Territories are awarded to the first qualified applicant.

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