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8,000 people turn 65 every day and this number is growing. 90% of those seniors, if given the choice, would prefer to stay at home in comfortable, familiar surroundings as they age. The cost of an assisted living facility is about $36,000-$45,000 per year. The cost of having care provided at home by an elderly care franchise averages $18,000-$22,000 per year. Be an owner of a proven senior care franchise model in a growing and profitable industry.


Acti-Kare Is Top Ranked

Our in home care franchise opportunities are consistently ranked by Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 as an elite option for business owners. Whether you are looking for a business in healthcare or a low-cost franchise option, we have developed the elderly care franchise model to meet your business goals, and we have the in home care franchise opportunities for you. Check out link below to view our senior franchise rankings and proven business model.


Superior Franchise Support

Acti-Kare provides franchisees with comprehensive training, a proven operating system and unparalleled on-going elderly care franchise support. Acti-Kare senior care franchisees have access to our state-of-the-art elderly care franchise call center, in-house art and advertising department, care provider recruitment, and our national ad fund and sales support center. If you’re inexperienced, we also provide specific training for those who haven’t worked in the healthcare industry.


Speak With Franchise Consultant

Acti-Kare senior care franchise consultants are standing by to discuss the in home care franchise opportunities we offer at Acti-Kare. We will take the time to outline all of the details for starting your new in-home care business and the steps to start helping families in your area. Contact our elderly care franchise consultants to learn more.
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Healthcare & Elderly Care Franchises Are Some Of The Most Profitable Franchises To Own

Information from financial reports quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Small Business Trends and Small Business Chronicle confirms that in-home senior care services franchises and home health franchises are some of the most profitable business opportunities for entrepreneurs. For new business owners with limited funds, health and elderly care franchises that offer an in-home care model are ideal, due to the low startup and overhead expenses.

According to business experts, when considering purchasing a health and elderly care franchise, there are several important questions you should find the answers to first. See the questions below.

  • Industry & Market Growth

    Senior care franchisees love market growth for in home care franchise opportunities

    If you’re considering purchasing a franchise, purchase a franchise that operates in a growing market.

    The elderly care franchise industry is growing 3% faster than the average for franchises in other industries, and growth is expected to continue.  Why?

    Increased Demand For Elderly Care Franchises

    Demand for elderly care franchises’ and businesses’ services will increase dramatically over the next 20+ years because the number of senior citizens in the U.S. is growing. It will soon reach 66 million…up 15% from 2015.

    The Baby Boomers (the largest adult age group in the U.S.) are the reason for this increase in demand. They’re in/reaching retirement age, and will continue to need services from senior care franchises. This is the perfect time to become involved in elderly care franchises!


    Why In Home Care Franchises Are Best Types of Elderly Care Franchises – Easiest to Run

    In home care franchises are the most affordable, most attractive and easiest types of elderly care franchises to run and buy. The initial purchase and startup costs are low because they don’t require investment in facilities, buildings, rent or equipment. You can run the entire business from your home.

    In-Home Care Franchise Opportunities Will Have The Highest Demand

    In home care franchises are most attractive for seniors, so you’ll likely have a higher demand than facility based elderly care franchises.

    One reason in home care franchises are more attractive than facility based elderly care franchises is because seniors like to maintain their independence, and home care allows them to do that.

    In-home elderly care franchises’ services are also more affordable to customers than facility based franchise services because they don’t have to charge customers extra money to cover overhead. This means that elderly care franchises’ businesses attract more customers because more people can afford services!

    Acti-Kare Is A Low Risk Home Health Care Franchise Opportunity

    Acti-Kare is a senior care franchise that’s been proven successful for the past 12 years and continues to grow.

    Interested in learning more about Acti-Kare elderly care franchises? Order an ownership information packet with NO OBLIGATION.

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  • Business Coaching & Support

    Senior care franchisees love business coaching that comes with in home care franchise opportunities

    Owning a franchise isn’t easy to do without any guidance… especially if you’re a new business owner. That’s why business coaching and support are key.

    Business Coaching

    Good franchises offer unlimited business coaching with an experienced business expert who can help you navigate through any problem, issue or dilemma.

    Business Support

    Good franchises offer support for their franchisees in the form of marketing, advertising, strategy and financial planning. Also, they should have a handbook that explains how to run the business.

    Why Acti-Kare Elderly Care Franchises Are The Best In Home Care Franchise Opportunities

    Unlimited One-On-One Business Coaching

    If you don’t want to start/run your elderly care franchise alone, we don’t blame you! Acti-Kare in home care franchise opportunities are attractive for new franchisees because they offer in-depth business coaching. (Many in-home care franchise opportunities and general franchise opportunities will send you to an annual conference or send you links to a few online seminars and call that business coaching…but it’s not.)

    Unlike many other senior care franchises, we offer one-on-one unlimited business coaching and our business coaches actually answer the phone when you call! We’ll support you, no matter what your obstacles are!

    Support In All Areas Of Running Your Elderly Care Franchise

    Another benefit that makes Acti-Kare an attractive in home care franchise opportunity is that we offer business support in all aspects of running your franchise.

    We will support you in marketing, advertising, establishing an online presence, planning, business operations, growth strategy, and financial planning/budgeting. You will not be flying blind trying to run your elderly care franchise, so rest easy!

    Our hands-on guidance is one benefit that franchisees feel makes Acti-Kare better than other in home care franchise opportunities for new entrepreneurs.

    Whether you’re a veteran in the elderly care franchise industry or a newcomer, we can always offer you new learning experiences and tools to keep your business healthy and growing!

    Interested in learning more about Acti-Kare elderly care franchises? Order an ownership information packet with NO OBLIGATION.

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  • Is it a proven success??

    Senior care franchisees enjoy security and known brand name of our in home care franchise opportunities.”

    Business experts advise that anyone shopping for a franchise should make sure the franchise they’re considering is a proven success before buying it.

    Make sure the franchise you buy has proven itself successful in markets all over the country – not just in one area.

    When evaluating in-home care franchise opportunities and elder care franchise opportunities, make sure you’re confident in the franchise’s past success.

    Acti-Kare – An In Home Care Franchise With A History Of Success

    Hopefully, you’ve researched in-home care franchise opportunities at length before you find Acti-Kare…because then you’ll see that our history of success isn’t common among in-home senior care franchises.

    Acti-Kare is an in home care franchise that’s has existed and grown nicely for the past 12 years, and is consistently ranked in Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500. This isn’t very common for senior care franchises.

    We’ve given special attention to building Acti-Kare to be a senior care franchise that functions well in all U.S. markets and delivers superior service in the most cost effective and logistically efficient way possible. We’ve also taken great care to ensure that we give our franchisees the resources and unlimited guidance they need to run and grow their Acti-Kare health/senior care franchises.

    Our track record will show that Acti-Kare knows exactly how to run an elderly care franchise!

    Interested in learning more about Acti-Kare health/elderly care franchises? Order an ownership information packet with NO OBLIGATION.

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  • Does it offer territory exclusivity?

    Senior care franchisees enjoy territory exclusivity of our in home care franchise opportunities

    Before purchasing a franchise business, make sure you will own the rights to run the franchise in your territory without another franchise competing with you in that location. None of your work or investments will matter if they’re not protected and someone else can pull the rug out from under you!

    Acti-Kare In Home Care Franchise Opportunities Are Secure

    We offer a secure elderly care franchise opportunity because Acti-Kare will defend your right to run your in home care franchise in your designated area without any interference from other Acti-Kare franchisees.

    Interested in learning more about Acti-Kare health/elderly care franchises? Order an ownership information packet with NO OBLIGATION.

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  • Is it affordable to start & run?

    Senior care franchisees enjoy the affordability of our in home care franchise opportunities

    When you’re shopping for a business to run, experts advise that you make sure the businesses you’re considering are affordable to buy, start and run. The definition of “affordable” is different for everyone, of course. Generally, any business that sells for under $100,000 is considered low-cost.


    Acti-Kare Elderly Care Franchises Are Very Affordable

    What makes Acti-Kare more affordable than most elderly care franchise opportunities? For one, in home care franchise opportunities like Acti-Kare will be the least expensive of the in home care franchise opportunities available…because they operate on the in-home care model rather than a facility-based model. This is obviously because purchasing a business doesn’t require investment in facilities or equipment.


    Acti-Kare’s in home care franchise opportunities range in price from $20,000 to $40,000, depending on the size of the territory you purchase. Startup costs range from $15,000 to $20,000, depending on the size of the territory and the state.


    Interested in learning more about Acti-Kare health/elderly care franchises? Order an ownership information packet with NO OBLIGATION.

    Interested in learning more about Acti-Kare health/elderly care franchises? Order an ownership information packet with NO OBLIGATION.

    Click Here For Health/Elderly Care Franchise Ownership Info

  • Does it fit with your passion & lifestyle?

    Senior care franchisees take advantage of flexible lifestyles that come with our in home care franchise opportunities.

    Passion and lifestyle aren’t two words that come to mind when most people think of purchasing a business, but they’re important. Once you buy a business, you’ll eat, sleep and breathe that business for as long as you own it.

    If you don’t buy a business that you’re passionate about and that fits with the lifestyle you want, running your business will get old pretty quickly and you’ll burn out. Burnout makes failure much more likely!

    Choosing a flexible schedule, work from home business that supports a good cause will give you the energy to go the extra mile to ensure your own success!

    Acti-Kare In Home Care Franchise Opportunities Can Fit Any Lifestyle & Health/Senior Care Is A Worthy Cause

    Complete Schedule Flexibility

    Acti-Kare in home care franchise opportunities offer complete schedule flexibility in a work from home environment. If you’re used to working in corporate America, you’re used to having to work at pre-determined times, and having very little flexibility. You’re also used to wasting time commuting and preparing to go into the office every day.

    When you’re running a senior care franchise business from home, you’ll save time by not having to go into an office and you’ll be able to take breaks, run errands and take care of your home/family whenever it’s convenient for you! No matter what your lifestyle is, running an Acti-Kare in home care franchise can fit into it!

    In Home Care Franchises & Home Healthcare Franchises Support A Worthy Cause

    Also, healthcare and senior care are worthy causes that impact almost everyone. In running your senior care franchise, you will be improving peace of mind and quality of life for seniors, disabled and sick individuals every day! It’s tough not to feel passionate about running your health/senior care franchise when you know that!

    In-home care franchise opportunities like Acti-Kare are unique – not many jobs give you a chance to help those in need and earn a nice profit at the same time!

    Interested in getting involved with one of the most work-life-balance friendly tutoring franchise opportunities in the world? Request our information packet with NO OBLIGATION.

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Video Transcript For The Hearing Impaired:

Mark Lucas – CEO

I’m my name is Mark Lucas and I’m the CEO here at Acti-Kare elderly care franchises. I’m going to give you a glimpse of what it’s like to take advantage of our in home care franchise opportunities and to be be part of the Acti-Kare family. It’s a family that embraces fellow senior care franchise owners with open arms by sharing ideas, resources and experiences. I know choosing an elderly care franchise, or any business, to invest in and pour your heart and soul into is one of the biggest decisions of your life. Right now, at home care is one of the fastest growing industries.

As people are staying healthier longer and baby boomers are crossing the 60 year mark, more men and women are opting for at home elderly care franchise services over facility based assisted living. In fact, 90% of seniors choose at home senior care franchise services. Acti-Kare in home care franchise opportunities can allow you to help others in so many ways, from helping seniors pay bills to medication reminders, house-keeping and so much more.
The opportunities to help are numerous. I feel fortunate and privileged to be CEO of a company where franchises are both needed and welcomed in the community they serve. When you take advantage of our in home care franchise opportunities, you’ll help people and profit while doing it.

Jim Murphy – President

Hi, I’m Jim Murphy, president here at Acti-Kare. Investing in Acti-Kare elderly care franchises is more than investing in a bottom line. With our in home care franchise opportunities, your work goes right to the heart of helping people. This is one of the many things that attracts people to the Acti-Kare senior care franchise family. There is also a personal story for each of our elderly care franchisees. In fact, I’d like you to hear from Brad Romp, an Acti-Kare senior care franchisee, about his personal story and why Acti-Kare is so important to him.

Brad Romp – Acti-Kare Elderly Care Franchise Owner

I’ve been an Acti-Kare senior care franchise owner for over 2 years. How I got involved with in home care franchise opportunities was both a personal and a professional decision. I worked for Mark Lucas in a sales role prior to purchasing an Acti-Kare elderly care franchise. I knew the successful track record that Mark had. It wasn’t until I was diagnosed with MS that I took advantage of Acti-Kare in home care franchise opportunities and became deeply involved in my own Acti-Kare elderly care franchise. I knew I wanted to help and inspire others, but I had no idea how much satisfaction that would give me. My patients are treated like family. I know firsthand what it’s like to have a caregiver come into my home and give me injections…so I wanted to make that experience as pleasant and as full of compassion as possible. There’s no amount of money that can buy that feeling of changing someone’s life, and that’s what Acti-Kare in home care franchise opportunities are all about.

Jessica Pisculli – Director of Franchise Development

Acti-Kare elderly care franchise services begin and end with compassionate kindness…so at the end of the day, you can make sure that your clients are not only helped with their daily activities, but treated with love and understanding. These experiences that come with our in home care franchise opportunities are one-of-a-kind experiences that have no price tag. When you join our elderly care franchise family, we’ll give you all the tools you need to get started. You’ll get a pre-screened staff ready to go the minute you open your doors to your new senior care franchise. We’ll also provide you with access to our referral network, full of qualified professionals to help you with everything from generating new client leads for your elderly care franchise, to helping you with your insurance and everything in between!

Cheryl Pruitt – Director of Business Development

And of course, our in home care franchise opportunities come with care giver training programs are always available for our Acti-Kare franchise owners so you can always provide the best care possible. These are just a few of the essential tools we equip your elderly care franchise with before you ever see your first client. Our care has no bounds, from owner to client, every client, caregiver and senior care franchisee is given family style treatment in a success oriented environment.

Sofia May – Acti-Kare Care Giver

Hi, my name is Sofia and I’m an Acti-Kare elderly care franchise care giver. I love working here because I feel like I have the support and trust of the staff to do the best job possible. I work closely with my senior care franchise manager on new training and how each of my patients are doing, so I never feel alone. I have my whole Acti-Kare elderly care franchise team behind me.

Cari Diaz – Vice President

Thanks, Sofia. What a lovely approach to care. This is exactly what we strive for with our Acti-Kare elderly care franchises– quality care that the entire senior care franchise team can be proud of. With trustworthy caregivers like Sofia, who have gone through extensive background and reference checks, earning the confidence of your elderly care franchise clients and their families is easy. People want convenient, affordable, quality care they can rely on, which is what sets us apart from other elderly care franchise businesses. Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us a little better. If you’re ready for more information on our in home care franchise opportunities, please contact us today.

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What Our Elderly Care Franchise Owners Are Saying

“I did a lot of research before deciding to join the Acti-Kare franchise family. Their top notch corporate support, call center, training and marketing materials all gave me peace of mind that I could successfully grow my business. But what really stood out was their commitment to providing high quality care services for each and every client they served.”

Kevin Kampfschulte , Acti-Kare Franchise Owner, Grand Rapids, MI

“When we decided to purchase a franchise in the companion-care industry, we searched for a company that reflected our lifestyle and values. We wanted this to be more than “just an income.” Acti-Kare’s renewed commitment to keep clients active in their environment and optimize their nutrition reassured us that we made the right choice. In addition, Acti-Kare provides the balance of corporate support and franchisee independence that we wanted for our business.”

Sandi & Dan Ruble , Acti-Kare Franchise Owners, Austin, TX